Prevent slipping and injury in the workplace with Sure Grip Non Slip Floor Treatment Solutions

Minimizing Slip and Fall Risks


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How is the SureGrip Treatment applied?

In most cases our trained technicians apply the treatment. Training classes are also available to companies where it would be more cost effective to apply the treatment using in-house staff.

SureGrip is not a topical coating. Coatings will deteriorate under foot traffic and will peal off after becoming wet. SureGrip’s Treatment Formula actually enhances the natural microscopic channels on your flooring, adding a significant amount of traction, especially when wet.

After the initial treatment of SureGrip Treatment Formula the surface friction will be increased by 125-300%.

SureGrip will not affect the integrity of the grout. It will however make it cleaner.

Stop Slips and Falls

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