Prevent slipping and injury in the workplace with Sure Grip Non Slip Floor Treatment Solutions

Minimizing Slip and Fall Risks

Our Daily Degreaser

SURE GRIP Multi Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser

100% Biodegradable and NON ALKALINE Non Hazardous according to criteria of Worksafe Australia & USA 


* Laboratory tests have proven that the active ingredients in SureGrip Cleaner/Degreaser is Effective in killing bacteria including the Following micro-organisms:
                    * E-Coli
                    * Listeria Monocytogenes
                    * Salmonella PoonaCD5Lgif
                    * Staphylococcus Aureus
                    * Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
SURE GRIP Cleaner/Degreaser as your daily maintenance cleaner will produce swab tests significantly improved by lowering the total bacteria count in all facilities. You’ll see a dramatic difference along with immediate excellent swab results.
Safe, Sure and Clean

SURE GRIP Cleaner/Degreaser greatly enhances floor safety for employees and food safety for consumers of your products and it is environmentally friendly. Your working conditions will be cleaner and safer than ever in food processing industries, restaurants, hotels, airports, Schools, Universities, Abattoirs, Chicken Farms, hospitals, mining, offices and other businesses. Our cleaner will save you money, as the only cleaning chemical necessary to maintain safe floors, Sanitize, Clean Windows, ovens, Bench Tops, Streets, Disinfectant & more ……….  

Floor Safety Facts 

Although most flooring is designed to be safe when dry, it is not manufactured in a manner that keeps it slip-resistant when wet.  Currently, there is not a governing authority that makes tile manufacturers responsible for their products while wet.  However, OHS has been cracking down on companies that know they have a problem and choose not to correct it. Floor surfaces become contaminated with dirt, oil, grease and food particles that combine with the soapy residue left behind by most daily cleaners.  The contaminates and soap residue begin filling in natural channels on the floor surface that aid in dispersing liquids such as spills and weather-related moisture, leaving the liquid nowhere to go.  This extremely dangerous combination creates a hydroplaning effect that can become lethal.  Millions of people are injured each year in public places due to slips and falls. This type of injury is costing businesses and insurance companies billions of dollars. 



Most new floors have microscopic channels and pores that allow liquids to naturally disperse. 




Alkaline residue from daily cleaners adheres to the channels and attracts soil and other contaminates such as grease.




Grease and other contaminates bond with the alkaline residue.                          






The bonded alkaline and contaminate molecules become a very hard substance that clogs the microscopic channels. This phenomenon is known as polymerization.



Stop Slips and Falls

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